This is an insurance that provides you with cover in the event of injuries, disability or death caused solely by an accident. What benefits do I get when I purchase Personal Accident Insurance? The benefits include;

  • Weekly payment – Pays a weekly income for the period you are out of work as a result of injury from an accident.
  • Medical Expenses - Pays for medical expenses that arise from treating you after an accident including dental and optical expenses
  • Emergency Evacuation – Covers emergency medical evacuation expenses. Pay for the cost of artificial appliances that arise from an accident such as crutches, hearing aid and prosthetics.
  • Permanent Disability – in the event of permanent disability caused by an accident, the insurance pays for a pre-determined percentage of the insured amount or a pre-determined multiple of salary.
  • Accidental Death – In the event that life is lost due to an accident, the insurance will pay the total insured amount or a pre-determined multiple of salary.

How long does Personal Accident Insurance last?

Personal Accident Cover is an annual cover. It must be renewed each year to remain valid.

How much does it cost?

For as little as Ksh500 per year you can access a basic PA insurance cover. However, if you are able to put in a larger amount the benefits will also increase.

Can we get Personal Accident insurance as a group?

Yes. The same product can be purchased by a group of people such as a family, employees, Chamas, church, learning institutions, SMEs or any other group of people with common interest, it will then be referred to as Group Personal Accident Insurance.

I have a business; can I buy Personal Accident for my staff members?

Yes. This will be called Group Personal Accident as explained above. The company will pay premium on behalf of its staff members. In the event of an accident, the insurance pays the employer the benefits for onward transmission to the employee or their appointed beneficiaries.

If I have car insurance, am I covered as the driver?

No. Car insurance covers the car and the passengers. The driver is not covered. However, you can request for it to be included in your car insurance. There are insurance companies that sell a package with both car and personal accident.

Why do I need to indicate a beneficiary while filling in the forms?

In the event of loss of life following an accident, a beneficiary is a person who receives the payout from the insurance company. It is therefore necessary to nominate a beneficiary as you apply for Personal or Group Accident insurance. If a child below 18 years is appointed, then a responsible guardian who will administer benefits upon sudden death should also be appointed. Choosing a beneficiary ensures that the benefits go to the right people.