In Ryma Insurance Agency we believe a good insurance is the one which settles claims. There is no need of buying insurance if claims are not settled fairly and promptly. We consider good claims service to our clients as a very important aspect.

In case of a claim, we walk with you throughout the journey. We take over from our clients and make proper documentation of the claim and ensure that the negotiation for settlement of claims with insurer is properly done and without delays. We are not satisfied simply because a claim has been settled. We believe that a claim is only successfully concluded when the insured receives full compensation as provided under the terms of the insurance contract.

The difference in receiving full compensation or any compensation at all lies in correct interpretation of the policy wording and presentation of supporting documents in a manner that allows the insurer and reinsurer make sense of the claim and accept liability and issue payment. This service is inbuilt for those who place their insurance through us and is available as a stand-alone option for others who have issues so long as they consider us for future businesses.

Note:It is a requirement that in the event of any occurrence which may give rise to a claim, you notify Insurers immediately and provide them with full information of the loss as soon as possible.

Claim Process

  • Do Not Accept liability in case of an accident.
  • Report the accident or theft to the Police immediately and obtain a police abstract. Note not later than 24 hours.
  • Report the accident to Ryma Insurance immediately for guidance.
  • Clear with the police and take the vehicle to recommended garage.
  • In case you need to tow the vehicle from the scene of the accident Call AA of Kenya on 020 697 9000, 0709 933 000 for towing services (Note: for comprehensive insurance only)
  • Complete and return a claim form obtainable from us. Including the insured and the drivers (the person who was driving at the time of accident) statements
  • Attach the Police Abstract and a Copy of the Driving license of the person who was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident or loss.

Fire and Burglary
  • Report to the police immediately and obtain a police abstract
  • Report the loss to Ryma Insurance immediately
  • Complete and return a claim form obtainable from us.
  • Give the replacement quotation i.e. cost of lost property
  • Attach a statement from a watchman/guard or any witness

Personal Insurances
  • Report the accident to Ryma Insurance immediately through a written notification.
  • Wait to heal so that we can capture all medical expenses.
  • Complete and return a claim form obtainable from us attaching doctor’s prescription and medical bills receipts after a clean bill of health.
  • Attach a police abstract if it was a road traffic accident or assault
  • Attach copy of death certificate if the accident was fatal
  • Attach copies of pay slips for the previous three months before the accident if the cover is arranged on salary basis.
  • For WIBA attach form WIBA 1 & 4 obtained from Labour offices