Employee Benefits


Group Life Insurance

Group Life is a collective term assurance benefit offered by an employer to employees as part of the employment benefit package. This policy will ensure the employee dependants are financially secured in case of death of the employee in service. Dependents get compensated in form of money that is usually a fixed amount or a multiple of employee’s salary in the event of death. Group life benefits can be extended to cover optional benefits like;

Disability Benefit

It compensates in the event of an employee’s permanent and total disability subject to the scope of coverage

Last Expense Benefit

Purchased separately or given as an advance payment upon the death of member under the main Group Life benefit.

Critical Illness

Offers limited medical coverage in the event of a first-time employee diagnosis of the following conditions;

  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Coronary artery surgery
  • Heart attack
  • Paraplegia or paralysis
  • Kidney failure
  • Major organ transplant

Group Personal Accident Insurance

Group Personal Accident covers provide accidental benefits in the event of an accident. A group PA policy is mainly designed to compensate a group of employees working in hazardous environments prone to frequent, injuries, or accidents. The cover extends to situations where the injury occurred at work or not. An employer essentially selects the workers he wants to be covered in a typical policy. The Group personal accident policy usually comes in the name of the employer, followed by a list of his employees included for coverage. Benefits of a group PA cover include accidental injuries, temporary or permanent disability and death caused by accident.

Alternatively, issuance of a group cover may be on an unspecified basis where all employees within a particular job description are covered. The benefits may also be on fixed sums or estimated annual salaries of the employees.

Benefits computed from annual salaries will also pay a weekly cash benefit up to 104 weeks, in the event of an accident leading to temporary disability. The benefit does not exceed a worker’s actual weekly earnings. Most group covers attract massive discounts on the payable premiums.

Note:You can take a group personal accident even as a chama or investment group:

WIBA - Work Injury Benefit Act

Work Injury Benefit as set out by an Act of Parliament. Every employer is bound to compensate employees for any death / injury while on duty. Payment is for Death, Disability, and Medical expenses and funeral costs. The Labour office administers all claims under this act and directs the employer on amounts payable.

  • Compensates employees in case of death, injury and disease contacted in the  cause of employment and for connected purposes –death or permanent disability, the compensation is for 96 months earning
  • Weekly earnings following an accident (Actual earnings up to 52 weeks)
  • Medical expenses up to a specified limit
  • Last expense

Group Medical Insurance

By taking Medical insurance for employees of Corporate or SMEs as a group, the insured enjoy discounted rates. This insurance can be offered to the employee, spouse and children under the age of 18 years or 23 years if they are in full time education. This insurance offers, the In Patient Benefit that covers costs and charges when the insured is admitted by a medical provider. The limit for this benefit can either be per entire family or per individual family member, depending on application. The benefits can be extended to have an outpatient, maternity, dental and optical.

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