Accidents, loss of baggage, illnesses and flight cancellation can all turn your perfect holiday into a nightmare and that’s why you need reliable travel insurance. Acquiring a travel cover could eventually save you thousands of shillings, and thanks to us you can travel with peace of mind knowing you are secure. The travel policy also comes with these benefits;

  • Emergency Medical Related expenses are all sorted.
  • Provision of a personal accident cover.
  • Reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses incurred in the event of cancellation or curtailment of an insured trip.
  • Reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred following travel delays..
  • Loss or damage to luggage, cash and travel documents is compensated.

The amount of cover varies from company to company. However, the amounts of cover are quite large to meet the needs of most travelers.

The companies which give this policy should have a corresponding company respected internationally to be able to settle claims abroad particularly medical. The cover begins on departure from the airport and lapse on return to the country. The period of cover should be such that it allows for any delays during the travel.

The cost is based on the duration of the travel and values/sum insured selected. It is possible to have an annual policy for a company on which deposit premium is charged and declarations made during the year.
This policy is recommended to any one traveling out of the country even if it is one time journey.